About Us

Welcome to Kitten Classifieds! In 2020, Robyn McLaughlin created Kitten Classifieds with the intent to connect healthy kittens and cats with caring and loving families. Kitten Classifieds is a dedicated website just for the buying, selling, and stud services of cats and kittens. KittenClassifeds.com allows breeders/sellers to post ads and advertise kittens, cats, and stud services. We are not a broker, we only connect you with the breeders and other sellers. KittenClassifieds.com does not condone the breeding of cats, but we strongly discourage against all breeding practices in which the health and well-being of innocent cats and kittens are compromised.


There are many advantages to buying directly from a breeder, the kittens are often socialized, and in most cases, you can see the exact place where your kitten was born. You can also speak directly to the breeder, and discuss the characteristics of the parents, the personality of the kittens, or any other important questions you may have for the breeder.


We urge you to personally visit the breeder/seller before you purchase any kitten or cat, just so you can feel assured they are decent, hardworking folks and that love cats as much as you.


If it is proven that a breeder is using illegal or inhumane breeding practices, we then disqualify that breeder from advertising on our website.


Kitten Classifieds understands the things that you are looking for in a companion. We understand the importance of having your new family member come to you a healthy, happy kitten with good genetics. It is important to verify with the breeder/seller that their kittens and cats are up to date on all vaccinations and de-wormer and have been vet checked.


We recommend that every person visit the breeder directly and determine for yourself how they are raising their kittens. As a prospective cat owner, we suggest that you thoroughly research the breeds you are interested in. By doing these things, you are ensuring that the kitten you choose will be the right choice to bring joy to you and your family.


We also invite any feedback you may have for us. Feel free to email us at info@kittenclassifieds.com or use our contact form with any questions.